Friday, September 24, 2010

The Captain of our Teenage Years

Dave was the captain of the USS Station Wagon. His trusty ship took us away from our mundane home ports and off to exotic lands such as Clackamette and Meldrum Bar. For occasional gas money, he brought everyone together and helped us escape for a while.

I remember one of our late night "stops" from the police at Clackamette where the officer said he would leave us alone for a dip of chewing tobacco and then proceeded to stuff a quarter of a can under his lip. The police were also amused (not) by Robin's present of a gasoline can full of M & Ms.

Now Dave brings us together again under much sadder circumstances. Thank you Dave for steering us safely and kindly through our teenage years and I am sorry we did not part on better terms.


  1. I recall that we used to call that station wagon the "Starship Impala". Indeed, it seemed to carry us where no (sane?) man had gone before!

  2. Yes, remember the gadget he built that would fit into the cigarette lighter? It had switches and lights, with things like "Fusion Drive" and "Lightspeed" on it.

  3. I remember he built that in response to your ashtray targeting computer. :-)

  4. Actually, in my car, it was the seat belt light, and I put the words "RED ALERT!" on it instead. :-)