Friday, September 24, 2010

A House on the Hill

I'll say that I was one of the younger members of the "Clackamette Gang". Dave Robison always seemed so much older: he had a car, a cool bass guitar, and at one point he even had a house. I remember joining Kevin, Dave, and a bunch of other people over at his house for a game of Fed-War. I was a new-comer (the group had been playing a long campaign), and I picked up some NPC or maybe something I rolled up really quick (I don't remember the details). Anyway, something happened that caused everyone in the party to blow up in a fiery explosion, and the game suddenly ended. I remember Dave laughing it off, and that was that.

That's just how Dave was. He always seemed to have something funny to add to the conversation, and definitely had a big heart. The time I spent with him, though few and far between, are all good memories.

I was surprised many years later when I got an e-mail from Dave Robison. He was interested in what was going on with me, and it was cool to hear about what had been happening in his life. He set up a blog and a website, and had lots of very interesting tidbits of information that always kept me smiling. I appreciated his interest in the mysterious side of science (anybody watch Fringe?), and was completely impressed that he actually built and tested an anti-gravity machine based on a theory that he read. Cool stuff!

I'm not sure what happened after that, but I heard less from him, except for an occasional comment on one of the other blogs. When I heard that he had passed, I was honestly stunned (still am), and now I wonder how this could be.

Dave, I will miss you, and I am truly saddened to hear that you are gone from this world.



  1. His tractor work was pretty amazing as well.

  2. Then there were all those homemade guitars, amps, and effects.