Wednesday, September 29, 2010

David Wesley Robison

David Wesley Robison
Born in Rolla, Missouri, April 26, 1965.
Died in Kent, Washington, September 21, 2010

David came in to this world at a whopping 11 pounds. He continued to live life in a big way. As a child he was known for taking apart anything within reach. Sometimes he was even able to put things back together. When he got shocked by putting a key in an outlet, he had to try again as any good scientist repeats all experiments at least once. He was an inventor and a creator. Growing up, his favorite place to shop was the thrift store because there was always some thing to buy and rebuild.

He, along with friends and family created a Puppet theater and the characters to go with it. He would put on shows at church that entertained and delivered a message. He also created a few life size costumes that were spectacular. He was also involved in the Boy Scouts.

David graduated from Oregon City High School, attended Clackamas Community, graduated from Centralia College, and Clover Park Technical College. He loved metal shop and wood working, and even taught courses to younger students.

Besides building, his other big love was music. He both bought and made many guitars in his life and loved playing them all. He played in school bands and informally with friends. He loved hard rock and Christian rock. He was innovative with his music, and according to friends, had some ground breaking ideas and inspired others in their musical ventures.

He was the unofficial chauffer of a large group of friends known as the gang, driving a big brown station wagon anywhere a couple dollars of gas would take you!

He spent four years in the Army as a Tank repairman. Spending only one day of those four years in Operation Desert Storm he still managed to travel to Turkey..

He worked many jobs using his many skills as an electrical repairman, panel creator machine repairman and more. He traveled to Singapore, Ireland, and Puerto Rico, but was always happiest at home.

He spent many years building a huge tractor from the ground up. It was functioning and big!! Although he never achieved the dream of mass producing it, he did give his sister a few grey hairs while building it in the garage. He also inspired a love of tractors in his nephew Stephen, and most generously passed on his collection of “toys”.

He built model trains and belonged to a Railroad club in Lewis County. One of his last outings was one more ride on the Chehalis Steam Train with his Mom and Dad.

Above all. David will be remembered for his kindness and generosity. The nickname Mr. Fixit fit him well. If a car broke down, or a stove needed installing he was there. He built a magnificent Swing set for his nieces and nephew to play on and a giant sandbox too! He would carefully build Lego toys for the kids to break apart. He would visit patiently with the kids without ever talking down to them, and they were always glad to see their Uncle Dave.

David is survived by his parents, Jim and Sandy Robison, his Sisters Susan and Sarah and his brothers-in- law Kyle and Brian. He is also survived by his nephew Stephen and His nieces Kristin and Kaela. He is also survived by his Aunts and Uncles and cousins.

He died in his home with his faithful dog Byron by his side. He had the Bible and the novel “The Shack” nearby, and I am sure he found comfort in those books. He now resides in glory and peace in heaven.

(Submitted by David's sister, Susan Jendryka)

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