Friday, October 1, 2010

Today's service

Dave S. and I started off early and headed north to Federal Way. Though it was sunny and cool at my house, the ocean clouds and a little fog in places rolled in about Kelso on up to Federal Way. We hit only light traffic and got there early. We stopped to look at books in town at Barnes & Noble and had a quick lunch at a Chinese buffet grill. We were still a bit early so we popped over to Dash Point State Park for a few minutes and then headed over to St. Luke's Lutheran Church.

We were greeted by the family, exchanged hugs, reminisced, and we introduced to more family and friends before taking our seats for the service. Rev. Bob Beckstrom led the proceedings with an invocation and we sang A Mighty Fortress.

Susan followed with the eulogy, which you can find on this blog.

We followed with readings from Psalm 23, Isaiah 25:6 - 9, and Revelations 21:1 - 5

Then we sang Amazing Grace.

The pastor then commented on Matthew 13:31 - 32 (As a mustard seed)

We followed with the Apostles' Creed and the Lord's Prayer.

After a short benediction, we ended with singing Onward Christian Soldiers.

There was a nice reception afterwards with some sandwich makings, fruit, vegetables, & pastries and cookies. We met Susan and Brian's kids and enjoyed a plate of food. Jim and Sandy (Dave's parents) commented on how much they appreciated your memories and thoughts on this page and the efforts of folks to help remember Dave. They realize that we are scattered around the country and planet and I hope to convey that they have nothing but good feelings thanks for all of you, whether physically present or not.

After some picture taking, we took our leave and headed back south with the clouds breaking and the sun setting as we passed over the Columbia river back into Oregon and a Yes song winding down as the day did. It was a nice time to think about the good friend, brother, son, and uncle Dave was with a sense that he left behind a good group of people that, while the circumstances were sad, I was happy to have seen again after so many years.

I hope to have scans of the memorial documents up on the site in the next day or two.

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  1. Thanks for posting that Don. I wish I could have gone.